A huge thank you to all the artists and composers who participated in the Score Trail. It was an awesome addition to our festival. Thanks to all the lovely shopkeepers in Carrick on Shannon too who let us take over their shop windows for the weekend.

There is a map to the trail below.


And very shortly we should have a PDF of all the works that can be downloaded here.

adachilangan copy

Tomomi Adachi sent a bold graphic score for piano and two graters. (I’m thinking this didn’t work out too good for the piano.) I like how Vicky Langan responded, using a grater on cardboard and a piano string to create her sculptural piece.

curran copy

Alvin Curran sent us this piece which reminds me of a diagram of how to do the fox trot. I’d like to see this one performed.

davisbeylis copy

D. Edward Davis sent us a thoughtful excercise in listening to which Natalia Beylis responded with a sweet drawing.

gee copy

And here we have Mouthpiece I from Erin Gee. I love the video of this piece. It reminds me of a Beckett play.

godfrey copy

John Godfrey sent us a score called Tinting Study. It is quite a subtle visual work as well as being an interesting score.

justandporter copy

Travis Just sent us his score Basketball Duo, for two performers with basketballs, which Gavin Porter made a print in response to. I really like how these two work together.

kelly copy

Anthony Kelly made this score for us. I like how he allows the performer to choose their own way to interpret his image.

kudirka copy

Joe Kudirka sent us some delicate and beautifully textured sheets of handmade paper – there are all sorts of interesting material in them – hair, foil, etc.

lukoszevieze copy

Anton Lukoszevieze sent us a score based on what looks like an image of a Russian circuit board called Music for Orchestra.

zelenka copy

Istvan Zelenka sent us these thoughtful text scores (above) to which Sandra Lulei responded with playful layered and embroidered drawings. (Below.)

lulei copy

mccarthy copy

 Danny McCarthy made this beautiful book for the festival, which we will be turning the pages of each day.

mcguire copy

Paul McGuire‘s score Underpass Anxiety was presented…well, in an underpass aptly enough…

power copy

Karen Power sent us an excerpt from her score armed only with nuts.

saunders copy

James Saunders made a piece especially for the festival – location composite #4 – which is hidden inside a book in one of the bookshops. Festival-goers are invited to write the sounds they hear on sheets of paper hidden in the book. The resultant score will hopefully be performed over the weekend.

walshec copy

Caroline Walshe’s work gave people a chance to create their own score to take home or leave on the wall.

walshejen copy

Jennifer Walshe‘s score was printed on a t-shirt and hung in a charity shop window. We may see it on Sunday being worn by a Carrick on Shannon farmer, having been accidentally purchased from the shop.

wolmanandford copy  Pictured above is one of Amnon Wolman’s graphic scores (left) with Felicity Ford‘s postcard-sized scores in response. I love how Felicity tries to untangle the mystery of the image in Amnon’s score with her descriptions of different actions involving knitting needles, matches, pins and combs.

And there is a mystery score, pictured below. If you can find it and report back to box office with the title of the score, you get a free copy of Felicity Ford’s postcard scores! Whooppee!!

ansnag copy


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