The second Hunters Moon Festival happened under a Hunters Moon in Carrick on Shannon from 26th – 28th of October. Here is an archive of the music, films, workshops and art that were featured through the weekend. Thanks to all who helped make the magic happen.

Hunters Moon Program 2012

cover 2


Alison O’Donnell & Bajik (Ireland)

Since the 60’s up to present day, Alison O’Donnell has continued to create, contribute and collaborate with a broad range of national and international musicians. Her latest project – Bajik is a harking back to her days in 60’s psychedelic, progressive folk group Mellow Candle. After her performances with United Bible Studies and Circulus at last year’s festival, we are delighted to have her back this year with her own group.

Birchall/Cheetham Duo (UK)

Hailing from the city of Manchester, the guitar and drums duo known as Birchall and Cheetham play a blend of disjointed, free form cosmic edges and curves, now and again dipping into a solid rhythm or dirge that almost sounds like the nosier parts of ‘The End’ by The Doors mixed with the harsh white light of The Velvet Underground. Their sound is not a million miles away from some sort of repressed free jazz, but is a bit too esoteric to be just that. This will be a great way to get your head into a good freak out space for the entire festival!

Black Sun Roof (UK)

For those of you who are familiar with early power electronics and groups like Whitehouse, Coil, The Vibracathedral Orchestra, Total and Skullflower then you might know a bit about BSR. Founding member Matthew Bower has been creating and formulating harsh and repetitive feedback and drones since the early 80’s. He’s amongst the first wave of English experimentalists to create harsh music with amps turned up ‘too’ loud, guitars, effects pedals and mixers. BSR’s sound is a more sweeping, fuzzy and psych onslaught similar to Bower’s other group Skullflower. A perfect compliment to the Hunters Moon’s already drone filled weekend.

Core of the Coalman (Czech Republic)

Core of the Coalman, the solo project of sound artist Jorge Boehringer, consists of continuity and discontinuity for viola, voice and circuits on the border between order and chaos. Sonically diverse and at times explosive in texture, Core of the Coalman emphasizes the physicality of sound in its synesthetic relationships between ear, mind, and environment.

Conor O’Kane (Donegal/Derry)

A Derry man removed to the joining county of Donegal. A gardner, a winemaker, a poet, a prophet, a modern day traveling folk singer who sings real folk music. Ancient ballads, work songs, protest songs, tales and stories of the lands, woods and lakes. Conor O’Kane is a rare breed and one of the only real folk singers we have left. He can captivate an audience of 100 people or 2, around a fire or in a hall. Do not miss his perfromance this year at St Georges church.

First Blood Part 11 (Cork)
First Blood Part II’s performances have ranged from mic’d up kitchen sinks to covering songs by extreme metal legend’s Death through a jelly bowl. We’ve got very little idea what this performance will entail but will no doubt be weird, primitive and blown-out. I can’t think of any reference points for First Blood’s music and performance but the spirit of oddballs like the Los Angeles Free Music Society and Nicholas Cage shine through.

Gnod (UK)

The psychedelic enigma that is Gnod are returning after the brain altering , face melting performance from last year. Leitrim is known for it’s UFO sightings and strange goings on. Gnod have become the soundtrack for all that is strange and hidden in the northwest. If you missed them last year or missed their show stopping set at Roadburn , then you cannot afford to miss them this year!! If you arrive sober you will be leaving otherwise.

Jennifer Walshe (Ireland)

Composer, vocalist and artist, Jennifer Walshe is hiding everywhere and anywhere searching for extracions in musical and vocal sounds. She blew minds at last years featival with her performance with Tony Conrad and her solo vocal piece at St George church. This year she will do an interactive performance inviting people up to join her to create and find sounds around them. Also, watch out for her elsewhere this year as collaborations with other perfromers is in the planning stages!

James King and Caroline Murphy (N.Ireland)

James is a performance artist favouring sound poetry and vocal experimentation. His improvisation often arises from an exploration of the elements of language and the spoken word. Caroline’s performance art practice is eclectic. In performance with James she draws upon her musical roots as violinist; in addition to investgating the possibilities sounds in found objects. When working in collaboration their emphasis is upon mutual response ,spontaneity, presence and contextual awareness.

Luxury Mollusc (Dublin)

Hairy little noise rabbi who splits his time between intensive marine studies, the worship of green lights and contorting metal to create mind bending sonic rituals. Harsh but no nerdy boy power electronics yawnfest. Let this creep scurry into your brain and tear it down from the inside.

Ludo Mich (Belgium)

Fluxus artist, underground film-maker, performer, wearer of light-bulb adorned suits and possessing a throat that’ll rip your mind apart, Ludo Mich has been fighting the good fight since the 1960’s. This weekend you’ll get the chance to catch one of his films, attend a workshop run by Ludo and experience a live performance… you think you’ve seen weird primitive shit? No fucking way. My first encounter with Ludo was as a 5 year old child, walking around the house with a bucket over my head, roaring into it, novelty sunglasses in one hand and ghostbusters action figure in the other, I think Ludo sent me some energy beams.

Melodica Deathship (Dublin)

Under water tales of Doom, despair and the haunting sounds of melodica. Esoteric sea shanties from the bottom of the ocean. This is what comes to mind when we think of Melodica Deathship. A beautiful mix of electronic, atmospheric beats and salty spooky lyrics to tame a worried heart far out at sea. You may feel like dancing, but be warned for it may be your last.

Swllws (UK)
Self described as ‘Haunted soundscapes from West Midlands’, this can only leave an eery feeling. Swllws music is as haunting as it is delicate and looming as it is distant. Songs go on with light repetition and flowing ghost like vocals. This will be a welcome calm before the storm.

Tarracoir (Ireland)

Self confessed ‘death metal jazz’: Terracoir, a trio of ill repute with a firm grasp of how to make sound reach levels of sonic thrash liberation. If Albert Ayler stuck around a bit longer and got hip to Napalm Death, this could of been the next level he was looking for. On Sunday, head down to the larder cafe, a perfect setting for some afternoon jazz.

Tomutonttu (Finland)
Fragmented, psychedelic collages of tape loops and synths pulsate and flutter to create ever-evolving soundscapes. The brain behind Tomutonttu, Jan Anderzen is a member of Finnish weirdos Kemialliset Ystavat and has been creating visual art and music in this vein since some point in the mid-90’s, always out-there but still inviting. Tomutonttu is warped and lo-fi but manages to avoid descending into a mirky dirge, bright and spacey uplifting oddness.

Tsembla (Finland/Sweden)

Sounds manipulated, twisted, distorted, sampled, looped and modified. Mixing electronic and acoustic instruments through gadgetry and possibly the forest to come out the other end in rythmic, wave like, up beat mutated tones and textures. Tsembla takes her compositions to new levels where she builds and builds than changes direction to explore more and more what the sounds can do. There are no limits to the beutiful sounds she creates.

Tola Custy (Ireland)

Well known in traditonal irish music circles around the globe, Tóla plays in numerous groups and sessions. He recorded his first solo album in 1994 and has been playing and touring ever since. With his solo work he is not so ‘by the book’ trad and pulls influence from other forms of music and creates sounds that are alomost fairytale like. No effects or electronics here, just straight up beutifully played violin to stop your heart from beating.

Wolfbait (Ireland)

A perfect accumulation of weirdos, punks, wannabe exploitation movie stars and circuit bending worshipers is the only way we can think to desribe Wolfbait (personally). Musically: if Flipper gave birth to Swans and if Swans were beaten up by Brainbombs in playschool, then maybe we’d be close to getting you ready for Wolfbait.. A wall of noise backed by a solid sturdy demented groove. Who said angst has no place in art?

Woven Skull (Leitrim)

Seasons come, they go. Sounds rise and fall. Woven Skull’s music much like this, starts with a single melody and builds and twists and turns and eventually like the weather, either slows and dies down or becomes thunderous and crashing. Depending on mood and atmosphere, this is where their sound will take you.

Wizards of Fire Top Mountain (Dublin)

Conjuring up the spirit of Cuchulain, eating road, tearing down mountains with their riffs and taking no prisoners. WOFTM are turning ino the band we all hoped they would.. a no holes barred, hard rocking, hard working, hard drinking all time party band! And Im still waiting on the stadium tour. A call to the stage is a call to the Gods and you better be there to share your soul in prayer!

Yawning Chasm (Galway)

A sound creeping and swaying in such influence as the Jesus and Mary Chain and low fi indie of the 90’s. Galway based Yawning Chasm is a beutiful mix of haunting guitar with the serious threat of noise hiding around every corner. Meloncholic rythms and almost folk like lyrics. This intimate perfromace at The larder cafe promises to leave looking behind your back hoping nothing sinister has come out with you.


Moose’s Oscillator Workshop:

Learn how to build a drone machine in a few short hours. Everything you need can be supplied but ideally you bring your own soldering iron and we supply the rest. Limited number of ten places with two instructors running the workshop for the best possible learning experience.
By the end of the workshop you will have a fully working boxed up dualoscillator drone machine. The drone machine consists of tone knob, detune knob and volume control along with a power on/off switch and 6.3mm output jack for connecting to effects and/or an amp of your choice.

A live screening event with film maker Vivienne Dick, talking about influence, philosophy, film making, music and life.

Vivienne Dick was born in Donegal in 1950 and studied at University College, Dublin. Between 1977 – 1982 she lived in New York, part of a group of filmmakers whose affiliation to the music and aesthetic of punk became known as ‘No Wave’. Working mainly on Super 8, Dick’s films from this period feature many musicians from the punk movement in NY with performances and music from Lydia Lunch, James Chance, Pat Place, Adele Bertei, and Ikue Mori.

As well as a talk and Q &A, Vivienne will show ‘She Had Her Gun All Ready’ from 1978 and will preview clips from her current work.

The interaction between visuals, sound and movement.

Ludo Mich (°1945) is a painter, sculptor, performer, poet, choreographer, film- and videomaker, animator, holographer and musician who lives and works in Antwerp. Mich is interested in visually and sonically capturing the invisible energy waves between an artwork and its audience. Most of his work can be described as the visualisation of multiple dimensions, with results turning out to be scientific, mythical, physical, annoying, conceptual or simply extremely funny. In his workshop Ludo Mich will talk about the different experiments he did since his earliest films in the Sixties.


Homo Sapiens Project

“Rouzbeh Rashidi (born in Tehran, 1980) is an Iranian independent filmmaker. He has been making films since 2000 when he founded the Experimental Film Society in Tehran. Since then, he has worked completely apart from any mainstream conceptions of filmmaking. He moved to Ireland in 2004 and currently lives and works in Dublin.

Homo Sapiens Project is an ongoing series of personal video works by Rouzbeh Rashidi initiated in August 2011. ‘HSP’ is an ongoing series of varied short films that provides, first and foremost, a laboratory for experimenting with cinematic forms. The range of works produced consists of everything from ‘sketches’ to fully finished and polished films.

The Poorhouse Revisited by Michael Higgins

In the time of Ireland’s Great Famine, an elderly gravedigger revisits a traumatic
event through the decaying visions of his dreams.
In 1996 the half-hour IFB/RTÉ period drama entitled ‘Poorhouse’ was broadcast. Directed by Frank Stapleton and based on a short story by Michael Harding, the film is set during the time of Ireland’s Great Famine. 15 years later the discarded film rushes were discovered outdoors on the Ringsend Peninsula, Dublin – literally unearthed – by filmmaker Michael Higgins. The scattered reels of decayed 16mm material consisted of some 120mins of slated scenes, retakes and camera tests. Restored, re-worked and re-edited, the corrupted frames now resemble fragments of memories distorted through exposure to time and it’s natural elements.
Set to a haunting score by Brian Conniffe and Suzanne Walsh, the gravedigger’s visions emerge from beneath a harsh new layer of archeological detritus, their pathos accentuated by their delicate state of fragmented survival.

Vicky Langan & Maximilian Le Cain

Since 2010, sound/performance artist Vicky Langan (Wölflinge) and experimental filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain have been working together in a unique creative audio-visual partnership. This is built on the strikingly fitting match between Langan’s magnetic, often troublingly intense presence as a performer and Le Cain’s distinctively jarring, disruptive visual rhythms.

Dirt (2012) is a phantasmagoric mélange of live performances and elements of gothic horror, resulting in a haunting, intense and sometimes humorous portrait of Wölflinge. Lullaby (2011) is a study of nocturnal solitude that develops into a visually overwhelming, stroboscopic nightmare, while nevertheless retaining a quiet tenderness all of its own.


A huge thank you to all our artists. It was an awesome art trail this year and we really appreciated everyone’s dedication and hard work to make the festival art trail a vibrant and engaging event!

Here are some pictures and info from the trail and from our artists.


Threshold of Things that Have Been and Might Be

I have been working with a wide range of media, mainly papermaking, drawing, print and ceramics. Often my work has taken the form of installations, as I am interested in creating a meditative space and atmosphere in which time becomes suspended and a different awareness and reflection about life may be experienced. My work has been inspired by the relationship between nature and man, human emotional experience, and environmental, social and philosophical issues coming from a reflective space within.


Shoal Thing

Paul Terry is interested in natural structures and how they come to be. Something may have a simple yet elegant mechanism by which it takes form, but are also those that are less obvious. Many simple interactions happening at once can give rise to an immense yet vaguely recognisable complexity that seemingly has a life of its own. The relationship between these interactions and the behaviour emerging from them becomes blurred, raising questions in areas such as economy, society and autonomy. Paul is currently pursuing an MA, Art in the Digital World at NCAD and previously studied art at IADT Dun Laoghaire and mathematics at NUI Maynooth.


Ellie Downey is a multi disciplinary artist. She creates large-scale mixed media pieces that can include the practices of paper cutting spray painting and found object arrangements. There is a strong use of colour in her work that binds the different mix of visual themes and symbols throughout her pieces. Themes including transgression, voyeurism storytelling and the abandoned frequently feature in Downey’s art practice.

Her current series focuses on birds of prey life cycles and the performance aspect of the hunt.

Downey has worked and exhibited both in Ireland and Internationally.


I came across a picture in an old book I had from when I was five of a Russian illustrator’s interpretation of The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. This made me start to draw all the story book characters that scared me in my childhood. Here are some.



Belfast born and Leeds based, Ricky Adams began by photographing punk gigs and BMX riders on the street. Ricky’s work has been featured in many worldwide publications and record labels some of which include DIG BMX Magazine, Juxtapoz, OBEY, Maximum Rock N Roll, Upper Playground, Hamburger Eyes, Dischord Records and the Independent. He is co-editor/photographer for DIG BMX Magazine.


My body of work shows through means of mark making with oils, acrylics and sometimes by incorporating various other mediums a construction of layers to produce the final result. In general, my works are non-representational with concepts developing from visual images from many sources, i.e. books, photos, my imagination, even from encounters of conversations with groups of people. Just as, Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from-it’s where you take them to”

I am learning that art can be a sense of freedom to me whatever the meaning of it. I do not have to be an evaluator of my own work. The viewer may wish to question what they perceive or what they think they perceive within my works, depending on their own surroundings and life experiences, but most important to me is I must gain enjoyment from my individual way of working.


Drone Dome

The “Drone Dome” is a collectively built structure made out of found objects by the staff and friends of Hunters Moon. Once inside the doom you will be surrounded with a collection of soundscapes curated by Willie Stewart. Come inside to hear a loop of drones composed by Gavin Prior, Blood Stereo, Core of the Coalman, Natalia Beylis, Áine O’ Dwyer, Fiona Kennedy, Aonghus McEvoy, Uke of Spaces Corners, Raising Holy Sparks and Willie Stewart. A limited edition compilation cd of the drones is available at the box office.


Beauty Remains

The artist is a collector of skulls and bones, self-taught taxidermist specialising in preserving wings, and a trained milliner. Beautiful Remains is a celebration of life that once was, a journey of transformation, from beauty to beauty again. Remembering the fragile nature of life and the mystery of death, the artist encourages us to have a reverence to those that have departed whilst maintaining our sense of humour and lightness to the subject.


Aoife Barry is a journalist and broadcaster based in Dublin. For these pieces, she uses vintage magazines to craft collages that create something new out of an image that once had another purpose. Her photos explore her daily surroundings and the parts that usually go unnoticed, using a half-frame camera to juxtapose different sides to the one place. Her Treacle portraits were taken in collaboration with the subject, musician and performer Vicky Langan, in a back garden in Cork.


Recent Portraits

These are paintings of people living locally around Leitrim that I have been working on recently.


Gavin Porter is a Belfast born artist based in Sligo. His recent practice consists mainly of painting and printmaking, with a predominant use of etching as his preferred medium.

The sparse, linear, and monochrome qualities of this technique are exploited to present imagery which explores the territory between memory and imagination. Strange, barren landscapes, occasionally populated by half-formed figures or bizarre floating objects, as well as imagery culled from simple observation, suggest an exploration of the grey area between the real and the unreal, the sublime and the absurd.

Gavin is also a musician and founder member of the band, Loophole.


An Snag Breac – the magpie – is the pseudonym of a Roscommon-based artist specialising in bizarre creations of tangled fibre.

On dark evenings, she can be found perched by the fire, fervently knitting her own textile arsenal.


…..the only truth is love

Truth is my Identity

My work comes from a deep place which I find through writing and drawing and meditation which helps me access another level of imagery.

I feel an affinity to the seer and to visionary artists by the manner my subject matter makes its own way out.

I address intense emotions and sadness often showing these darker moments in a light,beautiful and ethereal way.

The truths that I attempt to illuminate, in all their myriad realities, become drawings, short films and artists books.

I keep an online art journal which is an important part of my practice.

I held my first solo show would not violets grow from her heart last year at the Custom House Gallery Westport Co.Mayo.



The Community Choir Drawings series is an open-source composition, one in which the viewer is expected to be an active participant in decoding and assigning meaning.

The deployment of communal authorship in this project recalls the gift drawings and songs of the Shakers, drawings which were executed as depictions of heavenly inspirations or gifts. Gift drawings were not considered to be the work of an individual artist (the drawings were never signed), but a contribution to the whole community that could be employed as any member saw fit.

The Community Choir Drawings series is imbued with a similar sense of openness and generosity, reflecting the artist’s engagement with the ethics of community and the importance of group spirit.


I live and work in Glasgow at present. I work in gouache, inks and aerosols. I also do screenprints and create textile and wool knitted sculpture. I’ve shown work in London, Manchester, Glasgow and now Carrick-on-Shannon! My work looks in several directions, towards a comic book style of cute figures in bright colours, but also veers in and around the flabbiness and unruly human form, into somewhere more motorway-design-of-the-60’s, multi-layered intersections which interrupt the space that was already there with cityscapes, beasts, wallpaper, romper suits, blancmanges, lungs exploding into colour and more shapes.


Born in 1980, Peter Delaney lives and works in Limerick. Since graduating from the Limerick School of Art and Design in 2003 he has been making music, films and taking photos. Peter prefers analogue photography and only works with film whether it’s 35mm, 120 or polaroids. He is interested in exploring the overlooked and unlikely beauty in the everyday mundane. His video work has been shown at Future Shorts in Dublin, Sound of Mu in Olso, Live at Number 8 for the Galway Arts Centre and at The Belltable and Mamuska Night in Limerick.


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