The first Hunters Moon Festival took place over three days October 2011. Here’s a mix of some of what was going on. Click here to see the 2011 Festival Program.



Akke Phallus Duo (UK)

Blood Stereo (UK)

Blue Yodel (UK)

Boys of Summer (IRE)

Circulus (UK)

ny Conrad (USA)

Bela Emerson (UK)

Fuzzy Hell (IRE)

Gland and Conduit (IRE)

Gnod (UK)

Herv (IR

Stephanie Hladowski (UK)

The Hunter Gracchus (UK)

arron Kraus (UK)

David Lacey & Paul Vogel (IRE)

Nuada (IRE/UK)

Dylan Nyoukis (UK)

Aine O‘Dwyer (IRE)

Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides (UK)

Plinth (UK)

Raising Holy Sparks (IRE)

Sea Dog (IRE)

Slomatics (N-IRE)

Skinny Wolves Deejays – Graveyard Sounds (IRE)

United Bible Studies (IRE)

Jennifer Walshe (

Wizards of Firetop Mountain (IRE)

Woven Skull (THE DARK WOODS)

Wölflinge (IRE)


Featuring Films by the Following Filmmakers:

Rouzbeh Rashidi * Maximilian Le Cain * Sarah Lundy * Sayed Kamran Ali
Stephen Rennicks * Peter Delaney * Dave Swift * Vicky Langan


For a map of the 2011 art trail click here.

Some of the artists participating…

Helen Marie McBride

Unpredictable and evocative double-exposure photography

Ciaran Coghlan

Hunters of the sky – the birds!

Eva Walsh

A dark and enchanting installation of cast animal bones using uranium glass

Elizabeth Archbold

Otherworldly paintings

Tim Kerr

Paintings from the Texan artist and musician

Glyn Smyth

Screen-printed gig posters

Karen Constance

Colourful and strange paintings

Jane Lives

Lace making and taxidermy

Helen McDonnell

Paper cast deer ladies with sound installation

An Snag Breac

Animated detritus and roadkill taxidermy scenes

Kit Fryatt

Our wandering poet for troubled times

The Festival Kicked-Off with the Launch of Tim Kerr’s Exhibition in the Dock Arts Centre, Featuring Live Music by Nuada.

Tim Kerr’s Biography

If self-expression has no boundaries, why do people keep putting labels on it?

For those of you with scorecards, Tim Kerr’s first art award was winning a fire prevention poster contest in elementary school. He had a wonderful childhood but by high school? It was apparent to Tim and everyone around him that he was not like anybody else. Like any self-respecting artistic outcast in Texas, he moved to Austin after graduation where he has lived ever since with his wife Beth. He earned a degree in painting and photography at the University of Texas in Austin and studied the latter with Garry Winogrand.

After college graduation, Tim became involved musically and artistically with the early stages of the DIY (Do It Yourself) punk/hardcore/self expression movement. The idea that anyone could and should participate in self-expression burst every door and window inside of him wide open. Journalists and critics have cited bands that Tim was a member of as having been a major factor in starting everything from punkfunk, skaterock, grunge, and garage; and all have played an important role in what is known, for better or worse, as the US indie scene today. The Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers,and Monkey Wrench are just some of the bands Tim was a founding member of. Some of Tim’s art from then is now in books depicting that period.

Tim is now being asked to show his artwork in the US and abroad from galleries including PS1 in New York, 96 Gillespie in London, Slowboy Gallery in Germany, and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. He was also given a residency through Void Gallery in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Tim was inducted into the Texas Music Hall of Fame by popular vote in 1996 which he says he is still honored, humbled, and confused by. The Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle asked to record an oral history with him in 2000 and he has donated a lot of his personal archives to the Austin History Library. He composes and records music for several choreographers who work in Austin. He created soundtrack work for films such as Bill Daniel’s documentary, “Bozo Texino”, and Jan Krawitz documentary, “Drive In Blues”. Tim’s art is on album covers, posters, skateboard graphics, and advertisements. Through all of this, Tim worked at the University of Texas at Austin Libraries. From 1990 till 2000, along with his library job, he also worked in a stained glass studio building windows, fusing and sandblasting glass.

Through all of his life, he has never felt comfortable with labels and their restrictions. When someone confines him to one label, they do themselves and Tim a disservice. He is painting more than ever now and is now playing Irish and Old Time String Band music with friends in Austin and wherever his travels take him. In Tim’s own words, “I’m not dead yet. I am still active and as proud as I am of all that has happened before, I hope I have not seen the best thing yet.”

In the words of his friend Dan Higgs, “Keep Breathing til you stop, because there’s a whole lot of todays before tomorrow.”


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