RHYS CHATHAM (New York/Paris)

rhys-chathamA genuine New York legend, Rhys Chatham studied under Morton Subotnick and La Monte Young, and played in the drone ensemble The Dream Syndicate with Tony Conrad, before emerging as a minimalist composer. The impact of Punk and No Wave inspired his seminal “Guitar Trio” and other pieces for large guitar ensembles, sometimes involving hundreds of players. In recent years, he has been exploring the trumpet as a medium of improvisation and minimalism. We are delighted to be able to walk the halls of the Dream House again as we did the first year of Hunters Moon with Tony Conrad! Please welcome Rhys Chatham on his first ever trip to Ireland.

Rhys Chatham will perform Sunday 27th October 11:45 pm – 12:45 am at The Dock Arts Centre.


consumer electronicsVeteran noise controversialist Philip Best may be primarily known as a member of Whitehouse and Ramleh, but has operated sporadically in this solo guise over the last three decades. Expect aural and psychological discomfort.

Consumer Electronics will perform Saturday 26th October 11:45 pm – 12:45 am at The Dock Arts Centre.


ivan pawle

The late 60’s and early 70’s saw a huge influx of prog and psychedelic folk groups around the world.   Dublin was lucky to have the mystical, experimental Dr Strangely Strange  to delight us with albums about Halycon Days and Heavy Petting. Considered to be the ‘spiritual cousins’ of The Incredible String Band, they created folk music  not just rooted in tradition but expertly weaving in new sounds, rhythms and concepts, living communally in a haze of sweet melodies and magical lyrics. Hopefully after singer, and co-founding member Ivan Pawle’s performance at St Georges Church we’ll all be feeling  “a bit strangely strange, but  oddly normal” ourselves.

Ivan Pawle will perform Sunday 27th October 7:10 pm –8:00 pm at St. Georges Church.


zomesLow-fi drum tape loops and scratchy keyboards transcend what almost sound like Lungfish riffs but that’s to be expected since they are coming from the minimal master mind of ex Lungfish guitarist Asa Osbourne. As if his first two solo releases weren’t good enough, his third album, “Time Was” takes the Zomes sound to an all new powerful level with the introduction of vocals provided by Swedish singer Hanna Olivegren. The music of Zomes is seeped in mysticism and meditative rhythms. It’s as though the sounds they produce have been taken out of a tape recorder and thrown into the wide open plains to go forth and take down mountains.

Zomes will perform Saturday 26th October 10:40 pm – 11.20 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


Jenny WalsheInternationally acclaimed vocalist, composer and artist, Jennifer Walshe’s performances are simply stunning. Irish Times has said that “without a doubt, hers is the most original compositional voice to emerge in Ireland in the last 20 years.” By using her voice as an instrument in her performances, Jennifer pulls the audience into her invented worlds. We are delighted to welcome her back for a third year in a row.

Jennifer Walshe will perform Sunday 27th October 5:20 pm – 5:50 pm at St. Georges Church.


control unitThe Italian duo of Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia have garnered acclaim (notably from Julian Cope) for their primitive yet vivid take on Industrial and No Wave music. With the unique concoction of sound they create using vocals and electronics, they channel influences such as Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and Lydia Lunch and match them for urgency and sonic ingenuity.

Control Unit will perform Saturday 26th October 10:40 pm – 11.20 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


orphanfairytaleEva Van Deuren’s prolific project specialises in a flavor of playful exotica, using keyboards, samples and loops to evoke a strange and magical dreamworld. Her kaleidoscopic music feels like the effects of a benign but potent hallucinogen.

Orphan Fairytale will perform Saturday 26th October 10:40 pm – 11.20 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


nacht und nebel Henry Davies (Army of Flying Robots, Moloch, Nadir) works in a monochrome world of raw electrical hums and bare-wire crackles, which he shapes into dynamic miniature dramas. In Nacht und Nebel, he manipulates pre-recorded Cello sounds through tape loops and effects pedals. The results are hypnotically engaging and surprisingly expressive.

Nacht Und Nebel will perform Saturday 26th October 6:20 pm – 6:40 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


birdpeopleBird People is the solo and collaborative vehicle of Uli Rois, who also runs the excellent Feathered Coyote label. His output as Bird People runs the psychedelic gamut, from meditative drone to Grateful Dead-style pastoral rock to amped-up wig-outs. For this set Uli will be joined by a couple of stray United Bible Studiers.

Bird People will perform Saturday 26th October 6:20 pm – 6:40 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


Java DelleSomehow this vile and destructive man has found us and is coming our way. Hailing from Germany with a box of harsh electronics strapped to himself. He wants to hurt you and your ears and then party on your face. This is old school nasty stuff and not for those of a delicate nature. He eats Chaos Pads for breakfast!

Java Delle will perform Saturday 26th October 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


miauxMia Price uses the most humble piece of electronic equipment – a Casio keyboard – to craft music of profound melancholic beauty. It’s apparent simplicity reveals itself to be a careful aesthetic, all the more timeless and affecting for its understated presentation.

Miaux will perform Sunday 27th October 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm at St Georges Church.



“Irish obscure sounding thrash / death / black, I dunno, it’s like in the 80s when all the styles weren’t really styles yet but just a bubbling cauldron of pure hell. That’s ZOM. And that’s MY taste.” – Fenriz (Darkthrone)

ZOM will perform Saturday 26th October 9:50 pm – 10:30 pm

at The Dock Arts Centre.


School Tour

Donegal’s Gerald Duffy has been a member of Children Under Hoof and Patrick Kelleher’s Cold Dead Hands. As School Tour, he makes evocative electronic pop that simultaneously manages to be danceable and dreamily melancholic.

School Tour will perform Friday 25th October 9:50 pm – 10:30 pm at The Dock Arts Centre and also Sunday 9:10 pm – 9:40 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


Phillip_Bailey-and-Phil_Collins-Easy_LoverPCP (to give them their full name) are Kevin Kennedy (First Blood Pt II) and Paul Hegarty (Safe), who clumsily deconstruct the oeuvre of the titular Genesis frontman with a perplexing combination of gleeful parody and sincere obsession. You may start out amused and end up achieving  enlightenment.

PCP will perform Saturday 26th October 9:10 pm – 9:40 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.



Psychedelic, spiraling, lo-fi synth/electronics with a heavy dose of Antwerp. Light meditative rhythms to conjure up sleepy crystal creatures who love to dance to the sound of manipulated finger piano with new age leanings. Innercity has created the atmosphere of a digital forest for those long hazy walks.

Innercity will perform Friday 25th October 9:50 pm – 10:30 pm at The Dock Arts Centre and also Sunday 27th October 4:40 pm – 5:10 pm at St Georges.


MvestleMvestle are an improvised drone / noise band recently formed by members of New Ross noise-rock outfit Síoraí Geimhreadh. They plan to unveil a different lineup and approach with each gig, and promise a loud and disorientating experience.

Mvestle will perform Saturday 26th October 5:10 pm – 5:40 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.

DIVIL A’ BIT host the interactive “Keyboard Massacre”

Divil a BitUnpremeditated sounds built under canal bridges, valleys and mossy woods. Divil A’ Bit’s music is created by it’s surroundings and once it’s played once, it will never be played again. THE DIVIL A’ BIT KEYBOARD MASSACRE will create one of these spontaneous moments this year at Hunters Moon. Anyone with an electronic device that makes sound is welcome to join them in their meditative ceremony of one note. No more than this, because one note is often enough.

Divil A’ Bit will perform Friday 25th October at The Dock Arts Centre.


Cathal-RocheFree Jazz, Bebop, improv, New Orleans trad jazz and original compositions – Cathal Roche can do it all. A saxophonist and minimalist composer, Cathal will perform this year with guests as part of an improv set. This may adjust your ears, with no turning back. You’ll thank us in the long run!

Cathal Roche and guests will perform Saturday 26th October 8:15 pm – 9:00 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


ruairiSomething dark and looming this way comes. Galway based circuit bender and creator of dark ambient soundscapes will be making an appearance at this years festival. His music can be described as the point between tweaked electronics and deep cavernous doom rituals. Can music this dark come out of Galway? Yes, it can! This music brings you very very slowly into the outer world on a never ending desolate road with a slow shutter landscape.

Ruairi O’Baoighill and guests will perform Saturday 26th October 5:50 pm – 6:10 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


aonghusAonghus McEvoy (Drainland / Woven Skull), Stuart Geelon (Drainland / Luxury Mollusc) and Gavin Prior (United Bible Studies / Toymonger) attempt to express the deepest longings of a man in an a capella free vocal style. Like a power trio consisting of Ludo Mich, Yoko Ono and Antonin Artaud.

Feral Barbershop will perform Sunday 27th October 2:30 pm – 2:50 pm at The Larder Cafe.


cat piss brain rot useLoud, abrasive and droney. A trio made up of slacker punks who just want to make as much noise as possible while doing as little as possible while at the same time create an all embracing powerful tone and atmosphere of minimalist sludge with fancy drums. You might want to get yourself soaked in beer and denim for this one!

Cat Piss Brain Rot will perform Sunday 27th October 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


katie oneil2The music that Katie creates comes from the guts of cats I think… very dead cats. The sound is vast, desolate and not of this time. It’s the soundtrack to ancient ruins and of fallen empires from long ago. The stench of death and the mist rising off battle fields with slane warriors left for the vultures. This is the music of battles never won.

Katie O’Neill will perform Saturday 26th October 4:40 pm – 5:00 pm at The Dock Arts Centre.


Alan WoodsWhat happens to a nice quiet Leitrim lad when he’s exposed to the world through music and travel? He turns into a lovely Leitrim lad who can sing and charm the bolts off a bridge. Alan, a bit of a vagabond, a bit of a scamp with the voice of a snakey-eyed angel, has embraced Ireland’s historic past in story telling with music and folk songs. You can catch this fella at the Larder Cafe Sunday Choral Service and again at St Georges Church on Sunday 27th. Neat attire and a few car parts to sell essential.

Alan Woods will perform Sunday 27th October 2:20 pm – 2:30 pm at The Larder Cafe and also at St. Georges Church from 4:30 – 4:40 pm (This performance will be with David Colohan).

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