silence 2SILENCE

Directed by Pat Collins (2012)

Saturday 26th October 1:00 pm at The Dock Arts Centre 

7 Euro at The Door (Admission included with Weekend Festival Pass or Day Ticket)

“It’s a haunting film, though, not least because it feels like a rare indulgence, allowing yourself the tactile pleasure of stepping outside the blare of the day’s rat-run to wallow in the luxury of hush, space and stalled time. It’s as if the entire film is one long Picteresque pause, a deep drawing of some life-giving breath, and for that alone it’s a hugely enjoyable experience.” Irish Examiner

Silence is a powerful piece of film and a credit to Irish cinema. It excels in being philosophical without being morose. Mac Giolla Bhríde gives a compelling performance and makes a flawless transition from perfectionist sound recorder to soul-searching pilgrim”
The University Observer



Directed by Jodi Wille (2013)

Saturday 26th October 2:45 pm at The Dock Arts Centre

7 Euro at The Door (Admission included with Weekend Festival Pass or Day Ticket)

The Source Family was a radical experiment in ’70s utopian living. Their outlandish style, popular health food restaurant, rock band, and beautiful women made them the darlings of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip; but their outsider ideals and the unconventional behavior of their spiritual leader, Father Yod, caused controversy with local authorities. They fled to Hawaii, leading to their dramatic demise.

Years later, former family members surface and the rock band reforms, revealing how their time with Father Yod shaped their lives in the most unexpected ways.

THE SOURCE provides an intimate, insiders’ view at this incredible group of people through their own archival photos, home movies, audio recordings, and contemporary interviews with members of the family. Serving as a highly personal, insider’s guide to the counter-culture movement of the early 70’s, the film is inspired by the cult-classic book The Source: The Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13, and The Source Family (Process Media) which was written by Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian and edited by director Jodi Wille.

tumblr_inline_mnnrziYmhW1qz4rgpHSP: There is No Escape from the Terrors of the Mind
Followed by talk with director Rouzbeh Rashidi (2013)

Sunday 27th October 1:30 pm at The Dock Arts Centre. 7 Euro at The Door (Admission included with Weekend Festival Pass or Day Ticket)

This film consists of three medium length installments of an ongoing film project by Rashidi, Homo Sapiens Project. These installments, when watched back-to-back, will function as a single film structured in episodes.

A mysterious loner, perhaps a poet, journeys through a series of uncanny surrealistic landscapes with an unclear purpose. His adventure is divided into three sections.

The main theme of this experiment is to compare the eerier qualities of different landscapes and interpose the characters within them, elaborating the project’s ongoing preoccupation with extracting sinister moods from ordinary settings. In a way, these can be seen as experimental horror films in which an atmosphere of dread is evoked and sustained without the expected narrative trappings.


Sunday 27th October 2013 from 8:00 pm at The Dock Arts Centre

ludoMUNCH – MICH – MEDUSA (The M-dimension, 2006) Concept – Ludo Mich

2 paintings and one man – one dimension. What do you get when you have a re-done painting of Munch’s ‘the Scream’ By Antwerp based Artist, film maker and performer Ludo Mich and a painting of Medusa by Mich and also Ludo Mich himself. I’d safely say your well deep into the M dimension. Originally screened as an installation in collaboration with video artist Lode Cafmeyer, Hunters Moon is delighted to be able to screen this for you at this years festival. The only thing Ludo has ever gotten in trouble for  in his life, is his laugh. After and hour and 15 minutes of this film we’ll see if the cops turn up.

vanessa renwickA selection of shorts taken from American based film maker Vanessa Renwick’s  ‘N S E W’

Born 1961 in Chicago, Illinois.  Lives in Portland, Oregon

An artist by nature, not by stress of research. She puts scholars to rout by solving through Nature’s teaching problems that have fretted their trained minds. Working in experimental and poetic documentary forms, her iconoclastic work reflects an interest in place, relationships between bodies and landscapes, and all sorts of borders. She is a naturalist, born, not made : a true barefoot, cinematic rabblerouser, of grand physique, calm pulse and a magnetism that demands the most profound attention.

ghoulash gutterA selection of shorts taken from American based film maker Bob Moricz’s Goulash Gutter.

Bob Moricz currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and mainly draws from the collective unconscious and the subconscious as fuel for his audio/visual work.

His first movie going experience was Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Thus began a lifetime obsession with monsters, myths, villains, psychology, drama, and the human dilemma.

He is an amateur cryptozoologist, film theorist, and a fan of Walt Whitman’s poetry and presents filmmaking classes and workshops all over the world.

Mr. Moricz also records and performs music under various guises and names.


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